We’re sadly saying goodbye to summer for yet another year but there’s no reason to be sad since autumn means we can test out of all the beauty trends that would simply not have held up in the harsh summer light not to mention the heat. One thing that is year round beauty trend though is of course nails and nail art and these days you only have to look at Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube to see how popular customising your nails is. Forget visiting the salon though and instead start practicing your own nail skills.

First things first though, don’t bother with acrylics – the natural nail is coming back in (sorry Rihanna!), and since overuse of acrylic nails can ultimately damage your nail bed, this can only be a good thing. Following the summer months, if you look after your nails then chances are that they are in pretty good condition at this time of the year. To keep them looking that way, make sure that you form a beauty regime for them that involves hand cream, cuticle oil and washing up gloves for household chores. And finally, do make sure that you buy good nail polishes that can even help to keep your nails looking healthy and try to avoid formulas that include formaldehyde (most nail polishes sold in the EU don’t, but be aware when shopping out-with the EU). Reputable sites like Feel Unique over great ranges from good quality brands – check out this Feel Unique code first though before you click to buy. And so now we get to show you our favourite nail trends for the autumn.

Matt Nails

Matt nails have been in for a while now but somehow they look particularly crisp as summer slides into autumn. And the great thing about them is that all you need is matt top coat over a normal polish. This is a great way to toughen up your summer pastel shades before heading into more autumnal colours. Matt top coat worst best over a completely smooth surface so a great piece of advice to get your matt mani looking sharp is to first apply a regular top coat, let it dry and then apply the matt coat.

Ombre Nails

Ombre nails may look fancy but they are one of the easiest nail looks that you can achieve yourself, although it is true that if you have particularly short nails this might not be the best look for you. For simple ombre nails, take 2 colours and use one of them to paint your nails. Then taking a makeup sponge, apply the 2 colours side by side and dab onto your nails – you can repeat this process until you get the desired effect. Paint on your top coat and voila, you have beautiful ombre nails.

Nail Stamping

And finally, nail stamping is the perfect solution if you don’t have the steady hand and drawing skills of a painter. With nail stamping plates you can achieve professional looking effects in moments and to be honest it is pretty fun to do too. For an autumn theme we love forest and fairy-tale type plates which you can pick up easily online for reasonable prices, so get stamping!